Давайте учить английский

Давайте учить английский

Изучение языка - это путешествие в страну нового и интересного, свобода разговаривать с носителями и не чувствовать себя глухонемым в их компании. Но за частую процесс изучения отбивает всю охоту. Я расскажу о том, как это делать приятно и с пользой.

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Back (там) in New York, I am the head of development (главаотделаразвития) for a non-profit (некоммерческийорганизации) called Robin Hood. When I'm not fighting poverty (боротьсясбедностью), I'm fighting fires as the assistant captain (помощниккапитана) of a volunteer fire company. Now in our town, where the volunteers supplement a highly skilled career staff (высококвалифицированныйперсонал), you have to get to the fire scene (местопожара) pretty early to get in on any action (принятьучастиевдействие).

I remember my first fire. I was the second volunteer on the scene, so there was a pretty good chance (довольнобольшойшанс) I was going to get in. But still it was a real footrace (гонка) against the other volunteers to get to the captain in charge (ответственный) to find out what our assignments (задания) would be. When I found the captain, he was having a very engaging (захватывающий) conversation with the homeowner (домовладельцем), who was surely having one of the worst days of her life (самыйужасныйденьвеежизни). Here it was, the middle of the night, she was standing outside in the pouring rain (проливнойдождь), under an umbrella, in her pajamas, barefoot (босиком), while her house was in flames (вогне).

The other volunteer who had arrived just before me -- let's call him Lex Luther ( суперзлодей«DC Comics» изаклятыйврагСупермена) -- (Laughter)got to the captain first and was asked to go inside and save the homeowner's dog. The dog! I was stunned (остолбенеть) with jealousy (оревности). Here was some lawyer or money manager who, for the rest of his life (доконцасвоейжизни), gets to tell people that he went into a burning building to save a living creature (живоесущество), just because he beat me (перебил, успелна5 секундраньше) by five seconds. Well, I was next. The captain waved me over (помахалмне). He said, «Bezos, I need you to go into the house. I need you to go upstairs (поднятьсянаверх), past the fire, and I need you to get this woman a pair of shoes.» (Laughter) I swear (клясться). So, not exactly what I was hoping for, but off I went (инверсиядляусилениясмысла, ушеляпрочь) -- up the stairs, down the hall, past the 'real' firefighters, who were pretty much done putting out the fire at this point, into the master bedroom (спальняхозяина(дома)) to get a pair of shoes.

Now I know what you're thinking, but I'm no hero. (Laughter) I carried my payload (добыча) back downstairs where I met my nemesis (моеговрага) and the precious dog by the front door. We took our treasures outside to the homeowner, where, not surprisingly (неудивительно), his received much more attention than did mine. A few weeks later, the department received a letter from the homeowner thanking us for the valiant effort (героическийпоступок) displayed in saving her home. The act of kindness (актдоброты) she noted above all others: someone had even gotten her a pair of shoes.


In both my vocation (работа) at Robin Hood and my avocation (призвание) as a volunteer firefighter, I am witness (свидетель) to acts of generosity (благородство) and kindness on a monumental scale (вбольшомразмере), but I'm also witness to acts of grace (милосердие)  and courage (смелость) on an individual basis (наиндивидуальнойоснове). And you know what I've learned? They all matter (Онивсеимеютзначение).So as I look around this room at people who either have achieved (достиг), or are on their way to achieving, remarkable (знаменательный, значительный) levels of success, I would offer this reminder: don't wait. Don't wait until you make your first million to make a difference in somebody's life. If you have something to give, give it now. Serve food at a soup kitchen (кухни, гдераздаютедубесплатно). Clean up a neighborhood park. Be a mentor (наставник, учитель).

Not every day is going to offer us a chance to save somebody's life, but every day offers us an opportunity (возможность) to affect (повлиять) one. So get in the game. Save the shoes.

Thank you.




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